NFT Certificates for personal use

Our platform reduces the stress of owning physical copies – since documents stored on the blockchain, cannot be moved, changed or deleted. Currently we are working with both Ethereum and Solana blockchains as these two networks are the most popular and have the most robust infrastructure and usage compared to competitors. To avoid security issues, we are also working via IPFS, more information about that can be found below.

NFT Certificates for businesses or educational institutions

The team behind believes in the fact that NFTs can change many institutions for better. Do not stop here, more information can be found below.

NFT certificates for businesses

The digital world is transforming every business - including yours!

Your stakeholders including clients, suppliers, and even employees need quick, remote, and trustworthy access to your solutions and achievements.

Your organization can create a “next level” online presence for certifying goods and services by providing your partners with validated information via digitalizing your documentation in NFT format, such as:

  • NFT Certificate for authenticity
  • NFT Certificate of origin
  • NFT Certificate for quality
  • Reccomendations from partners
  • Feedback from customers
  • Tailor made certifications

From our NFT Certificates platform, you can upload and mint existing documents or create new certificates on the blockchain by selecting a variety of pre-designed NFT templates.

For educational institutions

If you represent an educational institution such as a university, professional training or talent development organization, you can now create and distribute your digital certificates as NFTs.

For HR departments and employers who seek to attract new talents, you can now verify the achievements of your candidates by reviewing their digital qualification footprint.

For individuals who want to apply for new positions and accelerate the application process, you can validate your education and professional achievements in advance via

  • NFT University Degree
  • NFT Project management certificates
  • NFT Certificate of attendance
  • Master, Bachelor, Doctor
  • Scrum, PRINCE 2, PMP
  • Seminars, conferences, training

The storage solution (IPFS)

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is the future of NFT storage solutions. The traditional cloud and local storage options are centralized where data is location-based, these are associated with the risk of failure or deletion. In contrast, the IPFS is decentralized and offers content-based addresses that can be anywhere. There are multiple advantages to using this storage method that synergizes with blockchain and the decentralized nature of NFTs.

When a file is added to the IPFS, it gets split into smaller pieces that are cryptographically hashed with a unique Content Identifier (CID). The CID is a permanent record of the content your file represents at that point in time. New versions of files added to IPFS get new CIDs and do not overwrite the originals; ergo, files stored on IPFS are tamper and censorship-resistant. Common pieces of the files are reused to minimize storage costs.

The IPFS references the locations storing each piece of content with the file's CID to look up a file. Files that are viewed or downloaded are also cached and become another source of the content until the cache is cleared. To ensure your certificate is always available, IPFS offers "pinning" services, which may be associated with costs, depending on the providers. Contact our team to check our offers and allow your personal or organizational certification to enter the new era of blockchain-validated identity and credentials.

Coming soon – Heritage & Family Tree Database Access

Another useful feature we have under development is access to a heritage and family tree database.

Heritage is a significant concern when it comes to your cryptocurrency portfolio. What will happen to your portfolio if God die?

While the blockchain portfolio should be treated like any other asset class and can be included in your will, many companies have different rules related to transferring wallet funds.

Some wallets have simple passwords, which are easy to guess and therefore not secure, and others have 12+ strings of random words set as a passcode. The tricky part comes when only those who know the password can access the funds in the wallet. So, the aim should be to strike a balance between keeping your wallet secure and at the same time making it accessible for the people who will need it when you are gone.

We are currently working on building a "dead man’s switch" feature where the wallet company will send you an email on a set schedule. If you do not reply within a certain time window, the wallet company will check our database for any death record or will. This feature will help you keep your wallet safe and secure and adds peace of mind because if something happens to you, your funds will not be lost but securely transferred to your loved ones.

Another feature we are developing is access to a family tree database, details of this will be disclosed later on... So, make sure you are keeping an eye on our website and be the first to know about our most recent updates.

Our Team

As top-notch specialists united by the shared passion of NFT and blockchain technology, our team of creatives with a diverse professional background, have taken up the challenge to help you securely store and access all important certificates, that's how was developed.

We are convinced that NFTs are our present and future, so we aim to bridge the digital-physical gap.

Take a look around and start storing your certificates today!